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SAMISA starts its activities in 1989 in Ecuador as IATA Cargo Agent, mainly in the export of perishable cargo such as flowers, fruits and fish by air and general cargo by sea.

Since 1991, representing Burlington Air Express, he was a leader in heavy cargo and Courier air transport, becoming BAX GLOBAL in 1997.

To be leaders in the international logistics transport market, making all the requirements of the clients their own, and offering the best service with punctuality, efficiency, from or to any part of the world

To contribute to the development of the international transport market, offering the most complete logistics services with quality in cargo transport, safety and excellence and gain a recognized position in the international logistics market.

Samisa Partner of the DB Schenker Network
With the acquisition of BAX GLOBAL in 2007 by one of the largest providers of logistics services in the world Schenker AG, the logistic arm of DB Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) and known worldwide with the name DB Schenker, SAMISA became an exclusive Agent of this company in Ecuador.

DB Schenker is the first railway and road transport operator in Europe, second air operator and third maritime operator in the world, with more than 88,000 employees distributed in 2,000 offices in 130 countries in the 5 continents.
SAMISA It has offices in Guayaquil, this is its main matrix with 18 employees and Quito with 6 employees, this being a group of highly trained professionals which has allowed us a constant growth offering our customers a more personalized service, quickly and efficiently.

According to the philosophy of DB Schenker, SAMISA has specific alliances with the best airlines and shipping companies in the country, and together with our highly qualified personnel, helps us obtain optimal results in the search for the best Logistic Transport Service, and be in permanent contact with our customers providing them with all the information they require about the transport of their merchandise.
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